Buyer Representation


With over ten years of experience representing buyers, Vision Commercial can find you the perfect property or investment. Buyer acquisition is an important aspect of our business and all too often buyer’s agents don’t have the experience or market knowledge to really sniff out a good deal. By providing in depth due diligence, pro-forma and market analysis, we can identify the perfect property or properties for our clients. Vision’s focus is on making our clients happy and striving for excellence in the acquisition process.

Focusing on site selection, land/property acquisition and strategic planning, the charismatic attitude of our agents and knowledge of local markets presents buyers virtual assurance to acquire the perfect asset(s). Accommodating feasibility analyses, lease negotiations, needs assessments, and the best in class communication are integral and invaluable assets in the commercial real estate market which brings incomparable value to our services.

Proven Leadership

No matter who you are - whether a restaurant owner paying $1,500 per month in rent, or a multi-billion dollar company looking to expand or otherwise update your commercial real estate portfolio - we can help.